Portrait & Family events Photography

I am Thai whom is a good alien in the USA. I am friendly and crazy in a funny way.

I had not known, how much I love photography but I have known, I am madly love to be in photos. It was funny, when I got my very first simple point and shoot camera, I did not know what was a square which display on the LCD for. I am talking about a focus square, yes, I currently knew it.

In 2009, I had started serious in photography by self-taught. More serious, I applied to be a full time student for photography in fall 2014.

I have been taken photos of my friends and myself. They love what they have seen. As I do good self-portrait, so I do better for others.

Furhermore,I learned in college more than I expected which lead me to love drawing every day. This made me passed my desire because I have never thought that I could draw figures beside simple shapes.

As much as I love photography, I love illustration as well.

Always Smile!